In memoriam: Val Curtis

News Oct 20, 2020

The London School of Hygiene has announced today the death of Professor Val Curtis.

Photograph: Martin Godwin/The Guardian

It is deeply sad, but it wasn't a surprise: earlier this year, she said it was coming, in a moving article in the Guardian written in her signature style: direct, personal, angry. Justifiably so: the austerity that has crippled Britain's National Health Service isn't that different in spirit from the structural adjustment policies that have devastated so many countries' health systems.

The best thing you could do now is watch her inaugural lecture Discovering Behaviour from just a month ago, in which she gave her "marching orders" for water, sanitation and hygiene professionals

Val's marching orders. Enough pessimism! 

And if you are less familiar with behaviour change theories and why they matter for sanitation, she also did an excellent TED Talk:

Rest in Peace, and may you inspire many more.