In Her Shoes - The True Story of Emergency Sanitation

Video Jul 24, 2020

Using a communal toilet can be unpleasant. It can also be dangerous.  In Her Shoes is a new video made by Oxfam: it shows the reality of being a woman and using a shared toilet at night, in what is assumed to be a refugee camp. Oxfam is using this to promote their Sani Tweaks series of recommendations to improve what humanitarian agencies do.

You may not like the suggested victimisation in this video – and that's fine. But this is intended for (often male) humanitarian staff, who all too often do not think of how toilets are used differently by men and women: security and perceived security matter a lot.

See also: How to install female-friendly toilets, and this research on lighting of toilets in refugee camps.

Image credits: Still from In Her Shoes by Oxfam


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