How to reopen public toilets

Public toilets Jul 7, 2020

It's hard to know what to reopen when easing the lockdown. Schools or pubs? Churches or hairdressers?

One tough decision is... restrooms: public toilets are sorely missed these days, especially when you see the queues outside restaurants and pubs. And yet they are also seen as the grossest way you will catch the 'rona.

Helpfully, Portland-based PHLUSH (Public Hygiene Let Us Stay Human - they're as awesome as their acronym suggests) has written some quick guidelines to reopen public toilets. Let's summarise them:

  1. Reopen them - people need them!
  2. Enclosed spaces are bad - wear masks, don't just stay here.
  3. Lid down for flushing.
  4. Paper towels, not air dryers.
  5. Clean hands before and after.
  6. Constant ventilation, better cleaning, and lots of signage.

Maybe the UK can import some of this - the Lockdown Loo map may look impressive, but it's not that many when you need one...

Cover image: Lockdown loo